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07   /   01   /   2020

The Stone Meadow house is a 5,000 s.f new construction in southwest Springfield, MO. The site is one of the most incredible I have seen in a newer subdivision of this type, with a private wooded view of a stream flowing at the edge of the back yard. The home owner wanted an exterior that was modern, yet somewhat traditional, while having to pass the design through a strict HOA Architectural Committee. The home owner wanted a lot of items, the wish list was long, on somewhat of a limited site to work with, that also happens to be very steep. Through working with him to develop the interior layout, we were able to accomplish exactly what he wanted. I am more than excited to see this one come to fruition, this homes floor plan functions very well. 

This home is in the final stages of design and bidding. It is scheduled to start construction in the summer of 2020.

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