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11   /   06   /   2019

The 'Higher Plain' house is a 5,500 s.f. new construction home in East Springfield. The home owners were very involved with me in the process of developing the layout, and modern architectural elements that came together in their dream home. The original concept was a sketch from the home owner of a horse shoe layout around a pool element. One side is the private master wing. The side opposite is the quarters for kids and guests. The center connector is the common living area where everyone comes together. It opens up to the outside pool and living area.

During the design process the home owners embraced the ideas of working the home into the unique sloping site. Many of the different areas are separated by another level, hence being named the 'Higher Plane' house. The foundation walls are heavily textured board formed concrete, and the house incorporates many natural materials and textures to embrace the rustic landscape, while remaining somewhat refined, and modern. The home is in the final phases of completing construction in the summer of 2020.

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